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My Teaching Philosophy


My philosophy has evolved over the years to capture my experiences as a lifelong student, as an instructor, and professional.  Throughout my life, I have captured the elements that inspired me by other teachers and other musicians. Collectively, this is based on tips and methods I’ve been exposed to while observing what seemed to be the most effective methods of learning.

I find that the best teachers are ones that inspire their students to learn, through encouragement and honest, yet positive criticism to help them achieve a higher level.  My mission with teaching music is as follows:


My mission:

“Provide students with the tools and techniques necessary

to becoming proficient musicians and achieve their musical goals.”


This is accomplished by:

1.      Giving each student the necessary technical skills to read music and play an instrument

2.      Develop music lovers for life – with the necessary language skills to describe why they like or dislike music

3.      Cultivate and foster a young adult with a strong work ethic

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