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Corporate Events

and Private Parties

Corporate events and private parties are often the highlight of the social year for employees and/or your social circle.  Thus, would you not like to treat your guests and employees to an event they’ll never forget with a live music?  Live music can create the right ambiance for your special soirée.  It has been proven, that individuals retain more information and form longer-lasting memories when they have been stimulated, and uplifting melodies created by a profession music ensemble are the perfect way to keep attendees active and engaged.


As a profession musician that has toured the world and performed for guests in capacities both large and small for over 20 years, I will work with you to create an expertly curated playlist of musical pieces that can help capture the tone of your event while keeping part-goers entertained.  I can provide you with a list of popular selections to fit any mood or setting, with music ranging from beloved classics to modern hits heard on the radio today.


Whatever your needs are, whether a corporate outing for your entire company all the way down to a small intimate evening for a group of your closest friends, let us provide that extra special something that’ll serve as your custom-made soundtrack. 


Available ensembles:  cello solo, duet, trio, quartet, and cello with vocals.  Our musicians are all experienced and skill with varied backgrounds and artistic stylings.

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